What is it?

Search Engine Optimization is the by product of two things: the fact that there are lots of websites and the fact that search engines are getting extremely smart.

That second point is what has given website owners headaches for the last decade. It can be hard to get in the good books of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In the old days it was as simple as writing “web design” a few dozen times in the title of your website and that was enough. Nowadays you would be penalized for such actions, so how do you get to the first page of search engines and start raking in that sweet sweet traffic?

Well, I’m here to tell you.

It starts with deciding what kind of targeting you are going to focus on. You need something relevant enough to generate search hits, but not too relevant such that you do not show up on the first page of Google. It may be difficult to find a proper search term, but with a little bit of research you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good search term to focus on. Devco Web Design started by focusing on “russell ontario web design”.

Next, you need to choose a website structure that is organized and easy for a search engine crawler to index. This means lots of internal links to connect your website together like a web.

After these steps, ensure that your website uses keywords that target the keywords you chose in the first step. This is extremely important.

After constructing your site with proper structuring and keywords, it is time to start thinking about performance optimization. Image and code compression is very important. Having a slow website will cause you to be penalized by search engines.

Finally, make lots of updates to your website in the form of blogs or other means of communication to let search engines now that you have lots of original content.

Voila! You are now on the right foot for search engine optimization!