We’ve all heard it, the monotone drone of a cable news anchor as he tiptoes through a minefield of supposedly offensive words and non-euphemistic trigger phrases.

If you are like me, you like a little bit of political correctness, just enough to soften the edge of everyday life. But when you are so confined by a set of social boundaries that you fail to get a point across – well then, that is a problem. It just so happens that this is the piece de resistance of the PC movement.

How does this relate to web design and your online presence? Well, to stand out in today’s market you need some edge. Not just edge, edge. I’m not saying you should be purposely offensive, but when you manage your social media or company the last thing on your mind should be whether this tweet, or post, or action is going to offend a small minority of social justice keyboard warriors.

Don’t believe me? Let’s conduct a though experiment. Assume that you shoot from the hip from all your social media. There are a few ways this situation could go:

  1. Nobody gets offended by any of your social media edge and you simply gain a more interesting page.
  2. A small minority finds it offensive and you have to deal with some offended internet users
  3. A large majority find it offensive.

Now if you find yourself in situation #3, you probably made an MJ joke…too soon man…check your privilege. But if you find yourself in boat #1 or #2 you should be laughing your way to the bank.

Everybody knows it, edgy humor is better and gets more attention. For a company managing a social media or a blog, this translates to more traffic and more customers. Even small minorities that may get “personally offended” by your social media edge are beneficial. The most active internet user is an offended internet user!

So what will these offended people do? They will spread the word about your “super offensive” company to friends and family. But wait, here is a little secret: these people’s friends and family are so tired of their constant complaining and privilege checking that they will buy something from you out of spite! Win Win!

So there you go, the Trump 2016 business model to getting your website increased traffic. It’s simple, don’t be afraid of sensitive people getting angry at you. They probably weren’t going to buy anything anyway, and you get to live a stress free existence by speaking your (hopefully not too offensive) mind.